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God meets you

It’s so easy to think that what God desires for you he must also desire for others… thus we judge.  We need to remember, God meets us where we are.  He convicts us individually of what his desire is for us.  And it may not be the same for our children, loved ones, neighbors, or coworkers.  We are all individuals in God’s eyes.  Honestly, that is the best way to be.

Self Aware

Be careful when you judge others.  It’s so easy to look at other’s actions as wrong and not even see what we ourselves are doing wrong.  Sometimes God is working in our heart to change a behavior, yet we see others do it and seem to “get away with it”.   This is between them and God, not me, them, and God.  Take your struggles to him, but remember he may not respond… it isn’t your concern.

When my ex left and I first discovered he was actually having an affair with my best friend.  I struggled with this.  I wanted him to be convicted of his errors and come home.  I wanted the whole nightmare fixed.  I so clearly saw the sin, but my ex and best friend didn’t.  I would argue and argue with God about how it was wrong, how it was unfair, etc.  What I only got was how to fix me.  How to work on me.  What happened with them wasn’t my concern.  Yes, he listened to my rants, but it wasn’t my issue to fix.  God instead showed me where I have gone wrong in relationships, and how I too have hurt others.  He helped me fix that.

Be self aware of your own problems, issues, struggles, sins.  Work on those with God.  Don’t complain about others problems.  We all have them, we all have areas to work on.


From my morning devotion.  “Take responsibility for your happiness”

There was a time when I held my husband responsible for my happiness.   It wasn’t intentional.  I honestly don’t even think I realized what I was doing.  It wasn’t until my relationship with God grew that I was able to reflect back and realize the harsh reality of it. Only I can make me happy.  I have learned that when I struggle with a choice, situation, or action I take it to God first.   Before I have a chance to react, before I mess it up bigger,  before I belittle myself and begin that cycle I used to live trapped within, I talk to God.

Happiness comes from within, we choose it.  We can choose it during bad times and good times.  Messing up is never messing up if lessons are learned.  As long as there is desire to walk in his ways, live life with his direction for us in mind….  Pure untainted happiness is always there for us.  It’s prospective… are you looking where you are going, or where you have just been.  Focus on good, even in bad times.  There always is some.