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A beautiful fall morning

Enjoyed a run outside for the first time in over a month. I needed it!  Running on the treadmill just isn’t the same…. it’s boring, and quite frankly more mental work. Getting outside, hitting the road, the fresh air, and the beautiful surroundings is why I run. It’s what feels good. Running is a spiritual mental fulfillment more than exercise.

3 Capes Run with The Blue Angels

I had such a wonderful day. I love the thrill of a race with everyone on high energy and so full of excitement. But a relay… it was excitement 5 times over at the start of each leg!!! I had said no races this year so I could focus on school but I am so glad to be a part of today’s race. Pat Zweifel works very hard for the High School Cross Country team here in Tillamook. I am proud to be a part of it. Thank You Josh Voltron Andrew Patton and Aaron Hamilton for helping us out. Without you, us three girls would have had to do extra legs of the race. I am beyond blessed to work with such an amazing crew. We spend an enormous amount of time together at work, it is so fortunate we also love to spend time together outside of work. Thank youUra Stokke for coming to cheer us along! Next year you will be running with the Blue Angels!!! Thank you Brenna Sanders Waxter and Bambi Pobladorfor making such great running partners. I love how we all helped each other out on our difficult parts by running alongside each other. Thank you Tami Patton for being the designated driver and keeping us all safe (and for entertaining Nic) I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the day without my best friend. Thank you to my mom Doreen Gord for being the designated camera girl. And to my dad Bill Gord for picking up the tab at Pelican Pub. And to all of our kids…. Thank You! You kiddos give up so much time with us to our very stressful and long hours at work without complaint. Then you all support our ridiculous goals to succeed at running an insane amount of miles each week. It was so much fun to see the majority of our children out there cheering us on. Most of all though I just gotta thank God. What a blessing to live in such an amazing area. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was inspiring, and the company was priceless.