Date night

Date night with my two favorite little mortals last night.  I can’t express in words how much this storm has changed these two children of mine.  The bond they share now…. may have never been before.  Watching them laugh, play punch, and kick each other as I was walking behind them on the sidewalk.  Listening to my youngest giggle hysterically at his sister after a particularly hard punch on his arm…. It made me smile all the way to my toes.  The peace the three of us share, and the closeness we all have is such a gift I will NEVER take for granted.  My youngest will often give me a hug now and say “mom, I love you so much”.  It used to just be “I love you”  which is so standard, and easy.  Adding in the “so much” changes it.  I often say at work, I may not have been given a forever husband, but God sure went over the top with giving me loving kids.  God took this ugly storm, and gave us something rare and special.  Thank You!!!


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