My Nic!

So there is this boy…. he is my everything. I am the lucky one he calls mom. A few years ago I would have been in disbelief if someone told me I would be not only raising him alone, but we would be thriving. Tonight he came home with a rubik’s cube from school. While I was telling him “oh those things are ridiculous, I could never put them back together. I ended up swapping the stickers …..” He put his together! Then he messed it up and put it back together in under 2 minutes. Then I messed it up and he put it back together in under 2 minutes. This went on and on… What the heck?!?! His sister and I were in disbelief. But then, really, I am not shocked. Nic has always walked to his own beat. I am not going to go into all of my sons struggles, that is his story to share someday. But I will say this boy amazes me on a daily basis. In the last year alone to see what he has overcome and is working on is amazing.

It’s because of this boy that I have changed my parenting completely in the last two years. Sure, there are a lot of other factors at play… but he was the one that gave me the drive. When their dad and I separated I realized he and his sister needed one thing more than anything else in the world – unconditional love. Parenting from an unconditional love standpoint sure changes a homes atmosphere. Being a single parent isn’t easy for them or me. Some days are so frustrating, some have me in tears and so worn out, and others take a lot of patience. But love is never the question anymore.

Isn’t that what all parents really want.. to see their children succeed! To watch the glow on their faces and watch them live in joy and happiness. This boy is so incredibly special. I believe there are big plans for him in his future…. and my prayer is that someday he will believe it too. He has accomplished two very successful weeks at school. He has come home with a smile and actually used the words “love” and “school” in the same sentence! These little moments take such a huge weight off my shoulders!

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