Winter Weekend

The kids and I have been looking forward to a much needed getaway.  I knew I needed to go somewhere new with my two kids… somewhere to start new memories.  Somewhere we could enjoy fun without always saying or thinking “oh I remember when dad….”  Or “my sister and I used to love to ….”.  We needed a trip that would be just fun, kinda get away from the reality of what Tillamook offers us on a daily basis.  So after confirming with the two kiddos that a trip to the mountain to play in the snow would be fun, I booked us a cabin.  Then the countdown began.  I had no idea how much the kids would look forward to it! Man they were excited!  Orange was in fact so excited, that on Friday before we left, I received a random Skype message from him around 10am “I Finished all my work can I get picked up?”  This message cracked me up!  Orange rarely Skype’s me unless it is a simple reply “K”.  And never Skype’s from school!!!  Teal and I picked him up after I got a hold of his teacher to confirm it was okay to get him.  When he got in the car he told us he was just so excited and he knew we were both home getting ready without him.  What a goof!

The trip was a bigger hit than expected.  Turns out Orange loves the snow more than just about anything else.  We did some night sledding, we played in the snow Saturday, we checked out the ski lodges, we drooled over the skiers and snowboarders, and most of all we had some really good laughs.  I was a little nervous taking the kids off on a trip to somewhere totally new.  Fishy was always the one that booked the hotels, drove us there, asked the questions, found us places to eat, etc.  Okay, I was a little more than nervous, but I knew this and I knew what I needed to do to fix it.  So Friday I made sure to go on a long run to calm my anxiety, I chatted with God that I needed him to guide us and we would just follow no matter what he wanted to show us, and gave him all my worries.  Then we loaded up and left!  We ate at different restaurants for each meal, Teal and I made sure to get coffee from a different place each time, and we never revisited the same ski or snow park more than once.  It was a blast!  It was incredibly relaxing.  I don’t think the kids even argued once!



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