Life is returning to normal

This was my final week of working 5 days a week, and I got docked today!!!! So today I got to enjoy a longer run, time with my kids, and getting ready to head out camping on Mount Hood this afternoon. Feeling excited!

Next week I join the rest of my crew working 4 days a week…. I can’t tell you the relief this gives me for many reasons. One, I’m looking forward to that day off. But two, it means how far my family has come in healing. A year ago it would not have been possible to do this transition. I was needed at home in the after school hours. Both my kiddo’s and I have felt we were ready for this change these last few months and I am so so so relieved with it! Day by day, step by step, life truly does move forward! I love my work family. They have been such a huge support during such a hard time. Not many places would change your work schedule to accommodate a change in your family, then change it back later when growth has taken place. Feeling blessed to work with so many uplifting, spiritual, encouraging people! You all know who you are!!!!!

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