One Year

Today marks one year. One year of survival, one year of being broken and rebuilt,  one year of learning (slowly) to follow God’s plan with blind faith and unstoppable hope. Today I know two things:  1) I am blessed beyond belief through God’s love for me.  2) I love my husband more than I ever thought possible, and it still feels right to do so.

I am not a product of time, I am a product of eternity. And I will not let the hurt of this last year be bigger than what God has planned for my next year or the years after.

Today was an amazing day spent with a very dear friend, and a crazy number of women all searching for the same thing, redemption. I am thankful for today, even if our day started with no shower from the hotel and no coffee for several hours.


After the storm the beaches are covered in treasures. I’m enjoying finding mine!

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