Thankfulness Day 14

​Today I am thankful for patience. Something I have not always had. But something that lately seems to be tested often which proves to me over and over i got it now!  I spent an incredibly long day on a few rather difficult homework assignments with my son. A math test took 2 1/2 hours!!!  Of course that was after he accidently hit the back button and lost the entire first half of his answers. I thought he was going to cry. I thought I might cry. But we both took a deep breath and started over. By problem 3 he said “I feel a lot better, this isn’t that hard the second time”  He was right, it wasn’t. Of course by problem 26 an hour later he was crazy hard to keep on track, but with patience he finished and he got a 100%!  The best part is my patience helped his patience, and his success in the end made it all worth it!!!  Several years ago this situation would have ended with him in his room freaking out, unwilling to compromise or even look at it again.  I would have sat stressed in the living room, worried about what to do next, how to help him, and how I was going to fit this all on “my” plate. I would have probably gotten mad and thrown the “poor me” card at him that this was not my school and not my problem. We both would have lost at least 24 hours of happiness until we both apologized and he was willing to try again. Not tonight… not tonight!!!  🙂

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