Thankfulness Day 15,16

​Yesterday and today both just became crazy busy days so I’m a little delayed in my thankful posts.  But I am not delayed in feeling thankful!  Yesterday I was reminded how lucky I am to be Teal’s mom.  I received a message from her regarding a friend of mine.  She was worried that we might need to pray for this friend more.  You see, this friend of mine lost her precious baby on the same day her baby was born, almost 11 months ago.  Yesterday was a hard day for her, as you can imagine many are.  My sweet Teal has had her heart strings tugged for this mom friend of mine.  At some point she even started following her on Instagram.  Not because she’s nosy, but because she cares about her.  We chat about her all the time, and how bad we both feel for what she’s going through, wishing we could help her, etc.  Well yesterday my sweet Teal reached out to this mom to let her know someone cares.  Then she reached out to me to let me know and ask if it was okay… my response “it’s always ok to care”.  This 19 year old has been through so much but you wouldn’t know it.  She’s lost two dads in her life, grandparents that were cruel to her, and started out her years with a super young mom.  But she has overcome it all.  I admire her.  She doesn’t run through boyfriends seeking love and attention.  She knows where real love comes from, and she’s comfortable with that.  She’s got goals and dreams, and she’s not afraid to change them as life progresses.  I receive compliments on her constantly from other adults.  My response is always “I know, I am incredibly lucky”  This girl is my best friend.  I know were counting down the months to when she’s going to be leaving home and enter her junior year of college, but I’m okay with that.  She’s prepared in ways I never was.  
Today I am thankful for my career.  I spent the day with two nursing students, struggling through the final stages of school and looking toward their job and finally making money.  I remember that closing stretch.  I remember the stresses, excitement, fear…. I remember being so relieved and then so panicked.  It was fun to be able to visit with them, reassure them, and see their relief and excitement.  15 years later, I look back, and I am so beyond thankful that I get to call myself a nurse.  What a career it is.  What an honor really!

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