Thanksgiving Day 26 and 27

Yesterday, while I was driving home from Tillamook in the pouring rain, music cranked up, and the heater on high (I was freezing!) I let my mind wander.  The road was gloomy, tree’s without leaves, various shades browns everywhere.  Even the river was a dark muddy brown color.  And I thought how this is the cycle of life.  We just lost the vibrant colors of fall and we are rapidly moving into the white snowfall which has it’s own unique beauty.  But for today, it’s not so pretty. Today it’s rain and grey sky’s.  My mom said several times over Thanksgiving that she was thankful for the rain.  Teal and I kept laughing at her.  The truth is though, we should be thankful for the gloom and rain.  Through the storm comes beauty.  Through the storm comes appreciation.  Because of the storm, the cycle of life can continue on.  New life grows because of the storm.

So yesterday, I was thankful for the rain.  And today as I’m able to sit here and type it all out, I am thankful that my rainy season is ending.

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