A moment

On the eve of Thanksgiving  Teal and I went to church with my mom.  It was a small but nice service.  Similar service to the episcopal church I grew up with.  Hymns, readings, and structure.  Different than the type of church I enjoy now with live christian music, personal sermons that speak to me, and not quite the structure of the episcopal service.  None the less, while I think Teal might have found the Thanksgiving eve service to be a bit boring, it has some comfort to it for me.  It brings me back to the safety of being a little girl.  It’s like eating your comfort foods from your childhood and feeling comforted again.

Something happened at this church service that I don’t believe I will ever forget.  Something that caused me to deeply ponder my giving. The offering tray was passed around.  I didn’t have my wallet or anything with me, so I was unable to give.  I looked at my mom and she pulled out some money telling me not to worry.  The offering plate made it’s way behind us where a lone homeless man was sitting with I believe all of his items.  His guitar, a backpack, a few plastic bags.  Probably every bit of his possessions.  Then I heard the “tink” as he dropped coins on the plate.  Teal and I both looked at each other with probably the same expression on our face.  The “I’m fighting back tears right now look” It only took a moment.

I’e spent the last few months giving very minimally to my church.  I’ve had a bit of a time financially being unemployed and felt it was okay to wait until I was working, Then I wasn’t working the hours I had thought I would be.  Excuses, Excuses

God brought a homeless man into my life for a brief moment to teach me a lesson.  To show me giving.  To remind me that even a small gift is better than no gift.  If I give to God, he will take care of my and my family needs.  Hundreds of thoughts went through my mind in that flash of a moment.  Here I am, over 3 days later, and still deeply pondering and thanking god for the homeless man that sat behind me on Thanksgiving eve.

Don’t ever think you aren’t making a difference.  Don’t ever think God can’t use you.  You may not ever know all the ways he has used you.  But he is.

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