From my morning devotion.  “Take responsibility for your happiness”

There was a time when I held my husband responsible for my happiness.   It wasn’t intentional.  I honestly don’t even think I realized what I was doing.  It wasn’t until my relationship with God grew that I was able to reflect back and realize the harsh reality of it. Only I can make me happy.  I have learned that when I struggle with a choice, situation, or action I take it to God first.   Before I have a chance to react, before I mess it up bigger,  before I belittle myself and begin that cycle I used to live trapped within, I talk to God.

Happiness comes from within, we choose it.  We can choose it during bad times and good times.  Messing up is never messing up if lessons are learned.  As long as there is desire to walk in his ways, live life with his direction for us in mind….  Pure untainted happiness is always there for us.  It’s prospective… are you looking where you are going, or where you have just been.  Focus on good, even in bad times.  There always is some.

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