New Year

New Years brings on new resolutions for a new me, fresh start, new beginnings.  I think this is all great, but one of the biggest reasons people don’t stick to their “New Me” resolutions, is they forget to include their junk in it, their past.  Our past doesn’t go away, until we change it slowly, and even still…. it will always be a part of your story.   You can’t just drop fifty lbs because you have a resolution to do so.  You have to recognize where you went wrong, what choices you were making before, and consciously make new choices now.  Recognizing your faults, weaknesses, and struggles is the first step toward making new goals.  Otherwise, old habits will sneak back up on you.

The same goes for my walk with Jesus.  I have to recognize the Christian I was before.  I need to recognize the world’s play in that girl and my sense of self worth from the worlds opinion rather than God’s.  I need to remember clearly what it was like to have Satan guilt me, and control my emotions.  Otherwise, old habits will sneak back.  I consciously have to wake up asking for Jesus to walk through my day.  And when I make decisions, I have to ask myself “is this from Jesus, or is this my own selfish desires”.

Self Control is at the forefront of my thoughts throughout a huge portion of my day.

Embrace who you were, and who you want to be.  Be proud of how far you have come in your journey toward new beginnings.  Remember, Every day is a new day.  Big changes and dreams don’t have to just come on the first day of the year.  They can come anytime.

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