I’m all moved and settled in.  Anyone that knows me, knows I have a gift and love for organizing.  It’s kind of a weird passion, but it’s me.  So after moving Monday, putting things away and cleaning the old place Tuesday, I was completely organized and finished with the move on Wednesday.  That’s just how I roll.  It never would have been possible without a few helpers (thanks mom and Gabe!).  So here I am all settled in my new place, comfy, cozy, and so blessed!  This place is so much better than the three story townhouse.  We are all closer together, Orange actually uses his room for more than sleeping.  Teal and I share a room which, believe it or not, it works out really well. We share most clothes and anything else anyway. The hot tub is just outside our door!!!!  It feels like home. Hopefully my next move won’t be for a few years when I’m getting ready to move to a tiny home. Dreams!!!  

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