A letter to her

So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets

Someday it will happen…. your heart will hurt.  You won’t remember who you ever were in the first place.  Your priorities will have changed and in the process you will struggle to know who you are.  Anger may become a norm in your life where it once wasn’t.  Alcohol may become something that you use to feel something, anything.  You may struggle with depression, self esteem issues, feelings of inadequacies.  Guilt may take over as a constant feeling within you. When it happens… I am here.

I will not judge, I will not say I told you so.  I won’t remind you of all the hurt you caused me during your days, months, years, of feeling like you were entitled to another wife’s man.  I promise not to remind you of the two children that had to continue life without a dad because of your choices.  Nor will I remind you that two kids were taken from my life, and made to feel guilty whenever they attempted contact.

What I will do… offer you a smile, encourage you that life will be okay again.  I will give you a hug and tell you I still love you and I never gave up hope believing in you.  God turns all things into good, and I will remind you of that.  We stumble, we get up, we fall, we try again and through it all… God is with us patiently waiting, encouraging, and loving.  I will demonstrate the same toward you.

You see… God gives us free will, and Satan tempts us.  There is not a person in this world that can say they haven’t fallen to temptation at one time or another.  Jesus also tells us that a sin is a sin, and one sin is no bigger than the other.  So whether it’s stealing a candy bar, or stealing a husband…. they are both sins.  And if you stole a candy bar from my purse, we would both laugh.  I am nothing without God, and because of this ugly storm… I know that!  It’s not the end that counts, we all will eventually have the same end.  It’s how we run the race.  I can only hope that I have run the race to earn eternity.  Eternity wouldn’t be the amazing place it is described without my loved ones though…. so I continue to pray that this stumble of yours is just a stumble.  Just as you are stumbling now, I have stumbled myself.  I was gifted forgiveness, just as you will be.

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