The Shack

Amazing is the first word that comes to mind when I watched this movie.  Although, like always… the book was WAY better!

My first thought when I read the book was “Wow, this author has truly walked with God”  There is no other way to explain the comparison of the story written before me, to the life I have lived and learned to depend on the last few years.  God is love, God is forgiveness, God does not make bad things happen.  But boy oh boy will he turn these bad things from our worldly choices into good.

I wake up every morning and chat with God before even putting my feet on the ground.  I pray for my patients that I will interact with in the coming day.  I pray for my children, my ex-husband, and the other girl.

I used to find that I had to pray for her several times, just to keep peace in my heart and forgiveness at the front of my mind.  Other times, I noticed it had been days since I felt the urge to pray for her.  When God spoke in the story about forgiveness and sometimes the need to offer it several times a day, I had an inward smile at how true that statement is.  There were days that my prayers were me literally begging God to help me do just that.  I would be so hurt, so crushed, so angry…. I couldn’t do it alone.  But God heals.  These days I pray that her heart be open to the true grace of God.  To his eternal love and forgiveness.  To repentance and joy…. not just joy from a fun day, or a new gift.  Joy that is indescribably incredible in so many ways.  Joy that fills your heart with peace, direction, and love.  Joy that makes a permanent residence in your heart and squishes out any room for guilt, fear, or worry.  That my friends, is my prayer for her.  My personal thoughts of the person she is, the hatred I have for her are slowly washing away.  She deserves God’s love and peace just as much as I.  But it comes at a cost, a huge cost in the moment, but looking back- not so huge, a cost to give up everything we want that’s worldy, and follow the truth.  It’s a hard road at first.  It’s facing a lot of things I think we all want to pretend don’t exist.  But friends, it is worth it!  Trust me.

I’ve walked both lives.  The worldly one seeking…… constantly seeking, to find joy.  I would find happiness in spots and think I had found it, but the gloom and doom always followed.  I would move past bad decisions and pretend they didn’t happen when life was good again.  All of this building up a web of tangled thoughts and a mess.  A mess that I have now worked though day by day, person by person, and I am proud of.  A mess that I call me.  Learning, struggling, and clinging to the one truth…. God is with me.  I’ve walked both lives, and I won’t go back to the first.  I will never go back to the mysteries of the world.

If you are struggling in your faith.  If you find yourself angry at God for the pain you have endured.  If you think life is unfair.  If you think you are somehow unworthy of God’s love.  If you have no idea how, but you want to follow the truth.  Please watch The Shack.  Please read The Shack.  The story does such a good job of answering the hard questions.  It Reminds you of God’s love for everyone…. yes EVERYONE.

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