God is Love

This memorial day weekend I have purposely made time to keep in mind all of the husband and wives without spouses, the children without parents or grandparents,  parents without children, and the grandparents without grandchildren…. all for the sacrifice of our nation, our freedom.  Freedom that we tend to take for granted.

There was one that sacrificed just as much, if not more, long before…. God.  He sent only son to die for sins of this world.  He loved us all so much, he wanted us all saved so badly, he sent his son to walk with us, teach us, and then die for us…..   Breath in that for a moment and then smile, because it’s for you he did this.  It’s for your neighbor, for the women that cheated with your husband, for the one that took your child from this world to early, for your co-worker that hurts you daily, for your parent that abused you.  God is love.  He wants everyone.  We all deserve forgiveness.

One thing I have really had reinforced to me over and over through this journey, is that EVERYONE deserves this forgiveness.  And it isn’t my choice how or who, nor is it yours.  This is to me the difference between religion and Jesus lovers.  Religion feels still feels to me as if there are boxes we must fit our beliefs in.  Follow certain rules and we belong. For those that don’t, they seem to be put down, ousted, or judged.  But this isn’t God or Love.  It is all over the bible to love.  Love your neighbor, love your enemy’s, love those that have hurt you.  Let God decide their fate while we pray for those that have hurt us.  Imagine a place where love was the first action, and to hate was foreign…..  I think about that a lot.

When someone cuts you off on the road, wouldn’t it be awesome if our first thought was to pray for them…. oh Lord, if they need your help please help them, if they need your peace or your calm right now, I ask you give it.  We have no idea what each other is walking through daily.  But if we each took God’s first and most basic rule to love… WOW.

This memorial day, I’m choosing to remember that while beaches are flooded with people, the roads are crowded with travelers, and backyard barbecues are being enjoyed by many… many many people are trying to wipe away their tears, trying to hold their head up high, and might be a bit distracted cutting someone off on the road accidently.  Because today is a reminder of everything they don’t get for yet one more year, so that we as a nation can be free.

In this same way, we should all remember this daily… because God sacrificed his son for all of us.  Jesus sacrificed himself.  Each time we spew hate, judgement, etc imagine his pain.

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