About Me

I’m a mom, a sister, a daughter, a runner, a nurse, and…. an ex-wife….  I didn’t want to be divorced.  I didn’t want that title attached to my name, my image, or my faith.  My journey is about a typical girl in her late 30’s in America –  working, taking care of the home, raising kids (teens :)), and being hit with the ugliest storm I could imagine.  December 6, 2013 my husband, lets call him Fishy, walked out of my life quite literally overnight.  We were best friends, both nurses, both working on home remodel projects, both raising our blended family as one large loving family.  He was a fisherman – I loved to enjoy those quiet days at home cleaning and organizing (I know- weird).  We were raising teens, and I was struggling with depression, but when he left, I was beyond dumbfounded, shocked, hurt, lost, and begged him for more than a year to please try.  With him, he took two of my children (legally step-children) and broke my heart to the core.  My journey is about how I survived by finding faith in Jesus above all things.  Hope, Love, Faith, and Grace are a few gifts I have received on this journey.  And it all started with running…..

Weathering the storm- one day at a time