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Thankfulness Day 12

​Today, Nov 12th. I’m thankful for my son Orange. What a challenge he has been to parent at times. But more so, what a pride. The boy is brilliant beyond words, but struggles socially in so many ways. He has made me cry more than any child, but taught me patience I don’t think I would have learned any other way. I’ve learned a completely different parenting style with him that I often wish I could go back in time and try with all the children. Love and compassion. He struggles with fears of losing others so bad he tends to just hide from trying. His dog is his number 1. He clings to me for security, and thanks me daily for loving him. He will sometimes come sit by me and just rub my arm telling me he loves me. He’s scared to develop relationships, but never scared to love me.  Building up his self esteem has been a challenge, but I won’t give up.  This boy is special beyond words. He loves so deeply, and tries so hard. He also gets so frustrated with his failures. For the first time in his 7 years of schooling. He has all A’s and B’s. He is learning a way that seems to work for him. And I am watching his pride grow.  Today Orange, I’m thankful and honored that God chose me to be your mom, just like I pray every night. Someday, you too, will see how special you are.

Thankfulness Day 10

​Today’s thanks is simple.  Sometimes the simple things are the best things so easily forgotten.  I’m thankful for laughter.  Last night I watched Bad Mom’s.  If you need a good laugh too, watch it!  If you don’t think you need a good laugh, but you are a mom… watch it!

Thankfulness Day 9

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. James 1:2-3

Don’t feed hate with hate. Today as I woke up this was the vs that kept ringing in my ears. So for day 9 of thankfulness. I am thankful that no matter last nights decision, I still have the right to choose love and kindness, and to believe that our one true God truly has control over all of this.

Thankful day 6

​Today I am thankful for a bonus hour!  I think the time change is stupid and hard on parents with young ones.  But since we have it, and I don’t get a choice… once a year I am thankful for the bonus hour. And once a year I’m irritated with losing an hour 🙂

Thankful day 5

​Today, as I step into the fifth day of November on a Saturday morning… I am thankful for weekends and sleeping in.  The quiet house, hot coffee in hand. My devotional, Bible, and study guide for my CNOR test on my lap. The rain dropping on the fallen leaves outside. And a full day ahead of me with very little plans. This has become my new peace. I love having time to enjoy the simplicity of nothing.  At some point Blaze and I will hit the trail for a rain soaked run. Orange and I will have a mommy-son date.  I’m thankful for weekends. 

Thanksgiving days 1-4

​Today I am thankful for parents that are always there for me. Sometimes it’s to listen, sometimes it’s to give support, sometimes it’s an opinion I don’t want to hear. But in each circumstance, they are truly there for me. With my best outcome as their goal. I’m thankful for these same parents being grandparents for my kiddos. My dad has stepped into the “go to male” for three of his grandchildren and is so good at being that role model to them for support and suggestions as well. Never judging, always encouraging growth. Today my daughter is heading off to spend the weekend with these grandparents because I have no idea how to answer all of her “travel the world” questions, but they do.  These grandparents have two semi-distant grandkids that they love endlessly as well. One they see now and then, another they haven’t seen in years. But they still love them, still consider them grandkids, and would still support them in anyway.  This I am thankful for. My fourth bit of Thanksgiving is that God blessed me with non-judgmental parents. No matter what has happened between Fishy, Mingo and I. They would never pass an ill attitude or rudeness onto them. They would still smile at them, still offer condolences during a rough time, and still help them if they saw or were asked. It’s just who they are. And this to me is so valuable because my children see it. All children watch our actions and reactions to events, and then learn to mimic it. So today in way more than four ways I am beyond thankful for my parents. But it’s only the 4th of November so I only wanted to list 4 today!